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About Us

Engage. Plan. Prosper.


Impact Financial Planning Inc. was founded on the principle that regardless of financial status, everyone deserves the right to:

  • Be informed and educated on important financial topics

  • Have a comprehensive financial plan that achieves their specific goals

  • Deal with a knowledgeable professional without having to lose a significant portion of their lifetime investment growth due to paying high investment fees

We offer clients throughout Canada (excluding Quebec) the ability to work with a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) professional that has over a decade of industry experience. Together we will create a customized, comprehensive plan that sets you on the right path to achieve your financial goals. 

The planning and advice we provide is at a fixed fee. Our company doesn't charge an asset under management percentage on your investments or recommend high fee investments that benefit the investment company and not the client.


  • Review current sources of income and create a detailed break down of monthly expenses

  • Identify the amount available after paying expenses and how it can be best used to reach your goals (or provide suggestions on which expenses can be reduced to free up more room for goals)

  • Factor in one-time or recurring large expenses into your budget

  • Work together to create a revised budget as needs or goals change

  • Understand and help establish your own personal retirement goals (i.e. what does retirement look like)

  • Determine the cost needed to achieve your retirement lifestyle and the probability of your current plan meeting these costs

  • Compare the options of retiring at different ages and what that means for your plan

  • Understanding your available government pension benefits and at what age it makes sense to apply for them

  • Determine optimal strategy for withdrawing investments in retirement to minimize tax impact and reduction of government benefits

  • Provide education on the various forms of investments and investment vehicles available for your savings strategies.

  • Review your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance to establish which allocation would be most suitable for your investments

  • Review current investments to ensure they align with your determined goals and objectives

  • Review and explain the fee structure for your current investments



"Richard has been a trusted personal and financial advisor for me and my family over the past decade. Richard's background and experience are showcased in his thoughtful and pragmatic approach to financial planning. He continues to help me and my family think through the pieces that are required to reach our financial goals and Richard continues to work with us today through the difficult COVID situation. The one trait that has kept me with Richard for all these years is his honesty. His advice is tailored to our family's needs and we would recommend Richard to anyone looking for advice or a second opinion." 

Gregory L.

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